Jon SantillanPhilippines

Managing Partner of Mountain Partners PhilippinesEntrepreneur, founder, advisor, digital marketer geek and tech guy

Lance Uriel PormarejoPhilippines

Garage Director @ LaunchgarageLance is obsessed with business, technology, and innovation. He has a keen eye for opportunity as well as the drive to create a positive impact in soc...

Kwun-Phite LockPhilippines

CEO of BXB ExchangeKwun is the founder and CEO of BXB Exchange. He is a firm believer in blockchain technology and the benefits it brings to society.

Jay FajardoPhilippines

CEO @ Launchgarage,Jay is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, with over 30 years in the ICT field and extensive P&L experience, research and development, strategic, and op...

Roman Marcus AbadPhilippines

Producer, Founder & Creative Director of EMPYREI'm an independent producer & filmmaker. Founder of Empyre - a startup media company where we help startups reach a wider audience by produci...

Randy TorrecampoPhilippines

Marketing Executive

Sonny VeruecoPhilippines

BusinessmanEcommerce l Blockchain l FinTech

Alvin BangayanPhilippines

trainee at

Sammy DelenaPhilippines

Founder/CEO of UncoverBugsTechnopreneur, loves to build things and make them profitable and valuable. Participated in Bataan Death March ultramarathon 102km. Hustler.Father

Rosalyn CaboPhilippines

Investment Consultant at Brittany Corporation/Vista LandHard-working daughter Christian Musician <3 Currently looking for investors to our high-end properties in Brittany Corporation, Crown Asia and Vi...

Junar PascuaPhilippines


Paul Christian CasalPhilippines

Co-Business Owner at CPHB Health Benefits, Freelance Property Specialist at E-LRM Real Estate BrokerageI'm a martial artist and a business minded person. In doing martial arts, it has taught me discipline and to overcome difficult situations in lif...

Neil Energyte BaldonadoPhilippines

Atty.Founding Partner at Benitez Salem Baldonado Law Co-founder at Filipuhunan

Mitch PaduaPhilippines

Michelle ObligacionPhilippines

Voice Talent (Singer, Host, VO)


CEO of Connections

Aristide Tao-eyPhilippines

SAP ConsultantSAP ABAP Consultant - Started as a Software Developer then SAP ABAP Developer then SAP ABAP Consultant. Investor - Started on stock market particul...

Cez Andrei DiamsePhilippines

CEO/OWNER/PARTNERCEO of a Cafe which primarily employs people with disabilities and a school who focuses on the education of people with special needs. Partner of Re...


co-CEO @ Lexicon ESL


Managing Director

Janina Kae AurelioPhilippines

Business Developer at Cropital | Customer Success at Workstream