- I'm a full-stack software engineer who is highly driven and well versed in single page application and RESTful architecture.

- I've almost 5 years experience software development, web application, enterprise application, and always kept the quality as good as possible with clean, scalable, testable, stable, readability code to suitable with any sudden growth.

- I've extensive knowledge of Javascript, C#, Node Js and latest technologies like Angular, dotnet core, Typescript, Webpack, Expressjs, etc.

- Besides that, I also have the experience of new product development from choosing suitable technology, designing, infrastructure, building, finally is deployment and maintenance. I across worked a few popular deployment providers such as Amazon Web Service, GCP, and Heroku.

- I own a Vietnamese blog, love to share my working experience and knowledge with other developers.

- Finally, besides experience in the work process, I also have good basic knowledge of programing language, object-oriented programming, design patterns, analysis, design, and algorithm complexity which will help me dept understanding about the developing product.

Joined: 08 May, 2019

Country: Vietnam

Email: Verified

Website: jinhduong.com

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