We provides translation service from English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and other major languages into Japanese, as well as translation from Japanese into other foreign languages.

b-cause features over 50,000 registered native speakers both in Japan and around the world. We can handle the wide range of language needs of our customers -- everything from English and other major languages to Kazakh and other rare languages.

b-cause deals with foreign staff fluent in Japanese from around the world. We are an employment agency for highly specialized job-hunters with successful placement in industries and fields of every sort. Get in touch with our exclusive experienced advisors.

Joined: 19 Dec, 2018

Country: Japan (日本)

Website: https://www.b-cause.co.jp/english/

Team Members

Ryo Okada

Head of HR

Job Positions Available

German Speaking Content Editor in Tokyo ...

Osaka , Japan

USD 44,000.00 - 45,000.00

CAD Translator

Tokyo, Japan

USD 26,000.00 - 27,000.00

Looking for Financial Engineer In Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

USD 30,000.00 - 31,500.00

Apply for Sales Executive for Translatio ...

Tokyo, Japan

USD 42,000.00 - 45,000.00

Hotel & Hall staff Wanted at NagayuK ...

Oita, Japan

USD 1,600.00 - 1,800.00

Looking for Clerk at Interior Design Com ...

Aoyoma ,Tokyo, Japan.

USD 3,800.00 - 4,000.00

Overseas Sales Representative in Osaka

Osaka , Japan

USD 26,000.00 - 28,000.00

Overseas Sales Executive in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

USD 51,000.00 - 54,000.00

Looking for Mechanical Engineer in Japan

Tokyo, Japan

USD 2,000.00 - 2,300.00

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