I'm searching for a technical co-founder (or co-founding company), experienced with MERN stack technologies, to assist me with the continuing planning and development of my application currently being written offshore; and with whom I can continue to explore a range of of ideas that i have in relation to multi-vendor loyalty, wine data / tasting notes (including multi-lingual applications), stockist search functions and integration with restaurant and tourism applications (E.g. Rezdy and takeaway/restaurant pre-order apps) ... all of which relate to ecommerce and wine sales.

In a business development / sales capacity, I have extensive experience integrating e-commerce, CRM and membership/loyalty solutions for Australian Wine Producers and working with them to understand their requirements, develop specifications relating to their required workflows; through to investigating 3rd party systems for integration and liaison with developers on a more technical level for development projects. My ideas stem from this experience and from seeking to do something constructive with wine tasting notes data, as well as what i call using 'wine as currency' for corporate wine club initiatives and other 'pull thru' strategies.

I am, therefore, looking for someone to work on an ad hoc / casual basis, initially (as I am), to assist and take the lead in the technical planning and management of the offshore person/s currently developing the application and the planning in relation to the evolution of the application to MVP status. I.e. I need assistance in planning the application development and its stages.

Naturally this is a ground level start-up, which i am bootstrap funding and I am also skilling up on MERN stack technologies in order to understand the development and contribute on a technical level ... I am not and do not wish to be a developer, but need to understand the flow of data between the various stages of what i am developing: stage 1: product data storage and translation; stage 2: stockist search; stage 3: cross promo deal engine; and stage 4: pull through suburban portals.

Please PM me if you are a developer and have an interest in membership, loyalty, restaurant ordering and, of course, wine.



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