Sprung from a conversation over coffee and a dash of high spirits, we realised that most forms of media we receive by the bucket-load each day through our phones and screens have one thing lacking - a great story, hook, line and sinker. So we set out with nothing but our wits, imagination, some pocket change and big hopes; to help plan, produce and execute stories for brands, products, companies, individuals and possibly even the neighbour’s overly friendly cat.
Whether it be a product, something edible, something to experience, or just about your brand; there is always a story to tell. Not some long-winded grandmother story, but bite-sized easy to digest stories that reach the goal of connecting with the hearts and minds of your audience; all available in many different forms including video, photo, written and graphics.

Country: Malaysia

Contact Email: joanne@contentcubestudios.com

Website: www.contentcubestudios.com

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Joshua Boey

Founder & CEO

Joanne Cheng

Founder & COO of ...

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