Lucas is the founder, CEO, and investment manager of niHUB Innovation Center & Startup Accelerator & Incubator. niHUB is Lucas’ most recent company, based in Binjiang, Hangzhou, aiming to assist foreign startups and companies with starting up, scaling, and succeeding in the Chinese market.
Lucas also founded and remains the CEO of Hangzhou Boru Network Technology, an internet company based in Hangzhou, running “nihao” app. It was here where Lucas experienced and overcame numerous obstacles of a foreign-run startup in China, discovering his passion in startup facilitation and incubation.
He has over fifteen years of experience, almost exclusively in the financial services industry. He worked one year at Ping’ an Private Bank, and more than five years at Bank of Hangzhou Private Banking. Prior to that Lucas was in the Wealth Management division at UBS, catering to both Swiss and international clients. In his free time, Lucas enjoys playing golf, traveling, and spending time with friends & family.

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Joined: 28 May, 2018

Country: China (中国)

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Investing: USD 1000 - 3000 — Tap the button below to submit an investment proposal to Lucas Rondez

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