Looking for partnership/ investment, pm me :)

-Konad stamping nail art Penang
-Supercity clothing
- holibeast travel
- Food truck supplier

Digital marketing

Joined: 09 Apr, 2018

Country: Malaysia

Investing: USD 1,000 - 5,000 — Stages: Seed, Early Stages Sectors: Technology, Internet, Mobile Locations: Southeast Asia

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Need a job at Penang / Singapore! 😄 Need let me know the the details!

Feb 16, 2019

Looking for partnership for business. Interested please pm

Nov 21, 2018

Anyone interested of Food truck business please contact me. Thanks !

Nov 21, 2018

Food truck business available

Sep 19, 2018

Food truck business available. Pm for more info

Sep 19, 2018

Anyone interested on food truck business can ask me for more details 😁

Jun 20, 2018

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