iTraveleo is a young startup with a cool and engaging travel planning and booking platform that lets you book a flight for 20-25% of the cost upfront and spread the rest over time.
The ideal time to book flights is three to four months in advance of the travel date, providing savings of up to 50%. Given that the typical vacationer spends up to 30-40% of their travel funds on flights tickets, booking flights at the right time is often the difference between being able to fly to the desired destination or not!
Here is how it works: enroll with iTraveleo PayLater to get instant access to credit, search for a flight ticket and pay the upfront deposit to book your flight. All it takes is 5 minutes! Compare that to the hassle of credit checks and hefty paperwork involved in traditional loans. All you need to do is pay your balance in installments before you fly. You'll receive your ticket once all installments have been paid and you are all set to fly!
Book your flights with PayLater today!

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