After the all the experience, knowledge, I have gain with helping companies become very profitable I am ready to partner with an investor or visionary that is interested in collaborating to becoming a major player in a 50 billion dollar a year niche that I have discovered where I have created a full detail plan and complete market research on the top 3 competitors for this specific niche that is a hidden gem that receives lots of online traffic,sales,and is trending upwards. I know the top competitors strengths and weakness and I have created a detail plan to easily take over the number 1 spot and completely dominate this industry. Serious Investors please message me if you are interested in making this vision a reality. I can guarantee no one in this niche will pin point target or come close to competing with us. I even have a plan on what we can do to counter copycats or people stealing our ideas. I wll trademark this brand name and become come the Number 1 go to company for this specific confidential niche I have discovered. Please message me if you are interested I can do this alone but I rather do this with a like minded business partner that can work with me to make this a reality now.

Joined: 11 Feb, 2018

Country: United States

Investing: USD 1000 - 3000 — Tap the button below to submit an investment proposal to Paul

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