"A retired cognitive psychotherapist turned into a copywriter attracts so many customers for his local brick and mortar business clients they ran out of sock... in under a week... without costing them arm and leg"

Dear Friend and Business Owner,

If you really want to see your sales soar, this may be the most exciting message you will read in a long time.

Here is what you will get once I start writing for you. You get sales copy that:
- demonstrates your product's features and benefits to your best prospects
- helps you greatly increase your closing ratio
- uses your USP to make your product outstanding
- makes your message simple and clear yet compelling
- helps you stop wasting time and money
- prevents the trend of losing prospects and leaving money on the table
- increases the popularity of your product and your bisiness

Interested? I hoped so.

Please, read on.

My name is Vlad B Banov. I used to work as a cognitive behavioral psychotherapist online. I started in 2007. I created my website. I started posting articles. Clients began to call. Things were fine.

But at one point in time, somewhere near the end of 2015 actually, I felt something was missing. I wanted but wasn't attracting more clients.

I started searching the web for ideas and solutions. I found Kennedy, Abraham, Hopkins. But their ideas were too big for my small practice.

Then I turned for a solution to advertising. The first book I read was Ogilvy's Confessions. Applying some of the ideas I started attracting more clients.

But this book lighted the copywriting fire in my heart. And now I am passionate about two things - copywriting and making money. And, no surprise here, making money with copywriting is my Top Of The Pops.


Let's now talk about increasing the sales of your product. Would it be cool if your prospects can't wait to finish your ad or sales letter to get their hands on your product? Would it be cool if they become subconsciously ready and willing to do just about anything to buy from you and you only even before finishing reading your ad or sales letter?

Well, I can actually craft such sales message for your business (ads, product descriptions, sales letters and video sales letters scripts, print ads, brochures, radio ads, fb ads, home and about website pages, etc.).

In your ad I will implement sales methodology and techniques that just may very be some of the most powerful and effective ever. Of course, I am aware this may sounds like the next unbelievably huge claim to you. Yet this is the kind of ad you will get if you hire me. So...

Try for yourself and see :)

Vlad B Banov

Joined: 01 Feb, 2018

Country: Bulgaria

Website: https://copytweak.com

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