b-cause, Inc. provides translation service from English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and other major languages into Japanese, as well as translation from Japanese into other foreign languages.

b-cause features over 50,000 registered native speakers both in Japan and around the world. We can handle the wide range of language needs of our customers -- everything from English and other major languages to Kazakh and other rare languages.
From general text to specialized documents, your translation is handled by staff specialized in that field.
We use native translators for every language to ensure that delicate nuances inherent to each language are properly expressed.
And full-time staff at our global affiliates are always standing by to provide quick, accurate, quality translations in all major languages.

Country: Japan (日本)

Contact Email: recruit@b-causebd.com

Website: http://www.b-cause.co.jp/english/

Team Members

No team members currently.

Job Openings

Translators (JPN→ENG) of Patent Docume ...


JPY 4500000 - JPY 5000000

[Osaka/Japan] Manag ...

Osaka, Japan

JPY 200000 - JPY 400000

Sales Executive in Translation Team


JPY 3000000 - JPY 5000000

Public Relation Officer

Tokyo, Japan

JPY 210000 - JPY 290000

Sales Executive in Translation Team

Tokyo, Japan

JPY 250000 - JPY 416666

English Editor


JPY 3000000 - JPY 3500000

HR Executive at a Catering Company

Tokyo, Japan

JPY 220000 - JPY 250000

[Tokyo] Translator (JP-ENG)


JPY 4400000 - JPY 4500000

Sales Executive needed at Kanagawa, Japa ...

kanagawa, Japan

JPY 4000000 - JPY 4700000

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