I am the Head of Insurance Business at Swingvy, an all-in-one HR, Benefits and Payroll platform founded in 2016. I use my background in insurance to leverage technology to help humanise and simplify employee benefits experience. At Swingvy, I lead the department from product development to sales and operation taking a user-centric and data-driven approach to prioritise and deliver features and enhancements to provide the best employee benefits that every employee deserve.

I was a licensed financial adviser's representative is a Practice Group Director leading a team of financial adviser's representative. I'm passionate about bringing awareness to the public about the importance of financial planning and carried out several talks on various areas of financial planning. To better prepare myself with educating the public, I'm also a certified trainer with HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund).

I, a finance graduate from Help University, Malaysia, CSU Australia worked in the financial planning industry since 2005 as such brings with me an invaluable experience within the industry covering the whole range of financial planning; Retirement Planning, Investment Planning, Insurance Planning and Estate Planning. I have helped clients wisely manage their finances and build a portfolio of investments with the aim of fulfilling their financial goals at various stages in life.

Joined: 09 Oct, 2017

Country: Malaysia

Email: Verified

Website: www.swingvy.com

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