Who Are We?

We’re gumi Asia, formed in 2012 as a subsidiary of gumi Inc. which branched out all over Southeast Asia.

What Do We Do?

We specialize in making mobile games on the iOS and Android platform. As gamers ourselves, we make titles that even we ourselves want to play. A lot.

We are stout supporters of the free-to-play model that, when done right, will deliver fun experiences.

Why Do We Do It?

We love it, that’s why! Games are our obvious passion: from the old-school console titles from the late 80s to the new HD experiences on next-gen consoles right now. We just want to entertain, yet also be disciplined in making fun games!

How Do We Do It?

Through perseverance and hard work. As much as we love designing games, we also want to make sure that we create a lovely company culture. We have our core values to help us see the way:

Be Ambitious

Go big or go home. Be on the lookout for new opportunities.

Be Committed

Show passion and dedication towards every task.

Be Creative

Build up on existing knowledge, and create innovative cool stuff out of it.

Be Competitive

Challenge yourself so that you can do better.

Be Appreciative

Put customers first above all else, so that they love us in the long term.

Be Cooperative

There’s no “I” in team. Get a helping hand or six when you need to get the job done.

Country: Singapore

Contact Email: support@gumi.sg

Website: gumi.sg

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Quality Assurance Tester


SGD 2200 - SGD 2800

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