Our focus of startups are Fintech, Insurtech, Paralegaltech, Customer Service, Dynamic pricing etc for real world application in making businesses effective while providing great customer experience. From research, Idea constitute 20% while execution is 80% and most startups failed in execution because they dont have the right team. EXCO offers the 80% by having the right team, all challenges eg product/market/time fit, funding, marketing, sales and business management can be overcome. EZCO solve these by building the right team for ideas implementation into a business. EZCO values lies in the founders’ business acumen in business environment analysis, strategic development, financial management and high performance team builders. High performance team will be able to focus on all aspects apart from the product development. Continual market research to ensure startup founders optimistic is still valid. Providing the right needs or fixing the gaps better than anyone else. Know what is the clients immediate needs and fix it better than anyone else, keeping in pace with redevelopment, finding a niche market and differentiate from others. The challenge of competitor launching product earlier could be dealt by becoming the second fast mover, learning competitor mistakes. Ultimately, we can present a compelling value proposition for buyers to commit. The fast-paced technology could be an opportunity for the startup to be skyrocketed so startups must assist to get talent continuously. EZCO will be a constant recruiter of top talents. Apart from the innovators team, a management team is needed to work on business processes. EZCO wiil assist on recruitment to prevent founders employing weak staff for fear of competition. Human capital decision making, partnership or employee, finding the right team who share the same passion and values. Each must have the talent or value to add. Allow the startup founders to focus on the product development instead of business processes, funding and recruitment. Marketing/branding at early using different appropriate channels. Develop realistic business projection considering best and worst case scenario. Evaluate cost and method of scalable way of acquiring and retaining customers. Strategic financial management will be setup for progression from Seed round – beta test-shipping- product fit- business model is proven- business has scaled well. Ensuring proper valuation of the startup and, plan and monitor cash flow to ensure product milestone is attainable.

Country: Singapore

Contact Email: marketing@ezcoworkspace.com

Website: ezcoworkspace.com

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