An entrepreneur, intrapreneur and an angel investor. Ahmed has established his diverse portfolio of products innovation across different verticals. With over 16 years of software and games development experience and over 14 million users using his products, he managed to deliver and grow ventures.

Ahmed is an angel investor with exposure to many startups ecosystems across the Baltic region (Latvia & Estonia), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, & Indonesia), Turkey, and the UAE. He built extensive networks with the key players in each ecosystem (Government initiatives, accelerators/incubators, venture capitals, angel networks, angel investors, and more than 500 startups). He has been exposed to different strategies adopted by each ecosystem to make the system more vibrant and attractive to both startups and investors.

Joined: 11 Oct, 2016

Country: United Arab Emirates

Investing: USD 1,000 - 3,000 — Tap the button below to submit an investment proposal to Dr Ahmed AlFalasi

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