Fessup is an app that lets you say what you really feel anonymously and be heard by your school/work community. Communities on fessup (e.g. @nus, @np, @media, @blk71) will evolve their own cultural identity, memes and lingo, just as EDMW on Hardwarezone did. Fessup is a hypercommunity app - just like Taiwan's Dcard and Korea's Everytime, which are hugely popular apps that are community-focused. Instead of filtered facades on popular social media, Fessup promotes authenticity through anonymous users taking ownership of their communities.

The app will also include textual therapy, which connects people suffering from anxiety and depressive disorders to certified therapists in an anonymous, low pressure and 1-to-1 format. This addresses a rising need for mobile and convenient access to psychotherapy amid busy work schedules. Imagine talking to your therapist while commuting on the train, instead of having to book an appointment, going to its physical location and waiting hours for your turn. Other benefits include greater clarity of communication. The communitarian aspect of fessup is meant to eliminate the stigma of downloading an app with this function.

Country: Singapore

Contact Email: herbert@fessup.sg

Website: www.fessup.sg

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Herbert Eng

CEO at HighBlood

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