Cradle x WSF Networking Session

Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd is the organizer

👫 For startup founders. Limited spaces available so pls RSVP early.

Join us for an afternoon of networking and potential collaborations together with fellow alumni and entrepreneurs from Cradle's community.

Meet new friends, form new partnerships, and gain valuable insights from each others experience.

During this event, we will introduce you to each other to catalyze potential collaborations and new partnerships that can take your ventures to the next level.

🚀 May this session bring many of your ventures to greater heights!

Event Information

Friday, 7 Dec, 2018


WSF Labs @ Webe Digital

Location Map

WSF Labs,
7th Floor,
Webe Digital,
Petaling Jaya


Whay Ying Phuah

Co-Founder at Brew N Brush

Mamadou Ndiaye


Gadiy Lim

CEO of


Dailami Daniel

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