A Definitive Guide to SME Grants 2018

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Local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore are recognized for their importance to the economy, forming 90% of all enterprises and contributing a quarter of the national GDP.
In these ever-changing times, SMEs must transform their business models and be ready to capture growth opportunities and in today’s highly competitive environment, organisations need to manage productivity well for survival and growth. 
You can now defray the cost of consultancy projects in the areas of human resources, financial management, innovation and productivity and also implement simple solutions to raise productivity and improve your business efficiency with one of 170+ Grants available to SME business owners, the Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV).

There is always room for growth and your next business milestone is waiting for you. Getting there, however, requires new solutions, innovative thinking and capability enhancements. Statistics show that only about 30% of the SMEs Business Owners  fully make use of government grants to grow their businesses while 70% are under-utilizing available grants.
 How many of 170+ Grants are you aware of other than PIC grant? 
These are some of the Grants Available For SME Business Owner :
1) Work Pro Flexible Working Management ($20,000)
2) Work Pro Flexible Working Arrangement ($160,000)
3) PIC ($100,000)
4) CDG ($45,000)
5) CSP ($25,200)
6) P-Max ($5000)
7) MRA ($20,000)
8) GCP (70%)
9) SME Micro Loans ($100,000)
10) & etc.......
With such a myriad number of grants available, knowing the prerequisites and conditions for various grant applications and handling the complexities of paperwork, grant submission and application can be a huge challenge for many SMEs.
Discover how you can quickly and effortlessly find out what grants are now immediately available for your business and have all your grant application processes handled for you at low cost. Attend our “A Definitive Guide to SME Grants” networking event and find out how we can help you fully leverage on the Government grants to accelerate your business growth today.
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Friday, 12 Jan, 2018



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