Design Thinking For Data Intelligence - Singapore Design Week 2019

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How can you design your organisation to make sense of data for better strategic decision making? In today’s Industry 4.0, many organisations aim to leverage upon vast amounts of data they are exposed to. This session harnesses the power of design thinking to give audiences the opportunity to realise the potential this methodology has regardless of the scale of data.
Design thinking is a user-centric way of solving problems and it involves collaboration across user segments, through strategies like user-journey mapping, design research and rapid prototyping. When applied properly, the methodology can be used to address problems or issues across a variety of field including social issues.
Expect to learn ways to reframe questions pertaining to data and practical steps to journey through the stages of a data-driven enterprise, filled with tools and techniques designed for real-life applications.

In this breakfast session, attendees can expect to learn:

What it means to be data Intelligent

Benefits of Data Intelligence

Design Thinking to align Data decisions

Practical steps to become a data-driven enterprise

Event Information

Thursday, 14 Mar, 2019


PALO IT Singapore

Location Map

51B Circular Road
Singapore, 049406