Tourists in Venice May Be Fined for Sitting in Undesignated Areas

The mayor's proposal aims to expand a no-sitting rule already in place in St. Mark's Square.

23 Sep, 2018FORTUNE.COM

Tourists in Venice May Be Fined for Sitting in Undesignated Areas | BEAM

Tourists in Venice, Italy, might need to be a little more careful about where they stop for a rest. The mayor of this vacation hot spot has proposed fining tourists up to EUR500 (about $588) for sitting in undesignated areas.

According to CNN, Venice has a population of 50,000, but receives more than 30 million tourists per year. In order to maintain quality of life for locals, as well as visitors, the city already has a number of behavioral regulations.

Except in designated areas, sitting in St. Mark’s Square and specific areas around it results in a fine of EUR200 ($235). Visitors are also forbidden from swimming in the canals, biking in Venice city center, and walking in only a bathing suit.

The mayor’s latest proposal will expand the no-sitting rule outside of the areas already identified. According to USA Today, the city council will vote on the proposal this October.

The behavioral regulations are a part of the city’s #EnjoyRespectVenezia campaign, which aims to create an atmosphere of “sustainable tourism” to maintain the city’s culture and way of life.

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