Startup Journeys: Forget Your Analyst, Roundup Makes Your Data Simple

Roundup provides integrated and consolidated analytics for brands and marketing agencies

Shi Ying Wong19 Jul, 2018

Startup Journeys: Forget Your Analyst, Roundup Makes Your Data Simple | BEAM

Zhi Xiang Tay, 2nd from right with his team from RoundUp

Coming from a digital marketing background, Zhi Xiang Tay saw a consistent disconnect from the multiple online channels, and faced personal frustration as a marketer to track ROI on their marketing campaigns and efforts.

He shares, “No one is certain and there is no direct correlation that these marketing efforts translated into actual sales. I realised that there was a need for an integrated analysis to directly track engagement.”

What has been coined Southeast Asia’s “e-commerce boom” over the past few years, has not showed signs of deceleration. The present e-commerce market looms around $238 billion and will be a key driver in the years to come. As global giants enter to shape SEA’s e-commerce scene, merchants will begin determining how to best capture the attention of the new generation of digital shoppers. The latest forecast for the region projects a double digit growth in digital ad expenditure for the rest of the year.

In the attempt to tackle this problem for digital marketers, Xiang, as others call him, co-founded Roundup Analytics in April this year.   

According to Xiang, RoundUp Analytics works by pulling data from multiple data sources like Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, and eCommerce platforms. These data are cleaned up and merged into a single report that is comprehensive and exhaustive, yet visually pleasing and uncluttered. The learning algorithm and pattern analysis behind RoundUp Analytics’ technology help to predict trends and provide relevant recommendations.

“Through our experience as business owners and marketers, we understand the need for a marketing analytics tool that is data driven, yet still makes sense to non-analysts,” said Xiang. “Data can often be complex and require a specific skill set, not to mention an extensive amount of time, to be unravelled. RoundUp Analytics’ automated reports and intelligent recommendations is here to effectively replace Excel’s pivot tables, and perhaps analysts in the future.”

When asked to share some advice to fellow entrepreneurs, Tay emphasised one thing: Do not be afraid to hustle.

“For B2B businesses like ours, you have to really be on the ground, sharing with people your business and bouncing off ideas. You must spend time identifying the pain points of prospects and build your story to be more relevant, so that your clients are receptive and understand your product.”

Scaling and expanding a startup is never easy, Xiang shares that a key challenge is matching developmental work to user acquisition as the company is continues to grow and gain traction quickly. Plans in the future pipelines include data sources like POS platforms, facial recognition softwares and sentiments analysis APIs.

Visit RoundUp’s website to find out more about their work. 

RoundUp is one of the successful recipients of the Startup SG Founder Grant, administered by TRIVE as their Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP).

From 24 April 2018, TRIVE has announced that it will administer the grant free-of-charge, without any requirement of sweat equity or payment.

Interested entrepreneurs are invited to apply for the grant at TRIVE’s website.

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