Alibaba reportedly raising $20B; Japan to limit foreigners' IT firms

2 million 5G stations being built worldwide; TikTok parent Bytedance working on its own smartphone

BEAM28 May, 2019

Alibaba reportedly raising $20B; Japan to limit foreigners' IT firms | BEAM

BEAM Daily Digest 5/28/2019

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1. Local govts racing to roll out 5G network construction, where more than 2 million 5G base stations are expected to be invested and built nationwide by 2022

2. China's e-sports industry offers low pay and long hours where around 60% of them make less than $14,500 a year, according to Tencent E-sports

3. Alibaba reportedly mulling to raise $20B through a second listing in Hong Kong

4. Hongmeng 鸿蒙, Huawei's proprietary OS, incorporates next-generation technology

5. TikTok parent Bytedance is reportedly working on its own smartphone

6. Food tech-focused Finistere Ventures, three Israeli firms to invest $100 million in agrifood startups in Israel

7. Singapore startup Trax, which develops image recognition software is in talks to raise $100m

8. India's FreshToHome raises $11 million to expand its fish, meat, and vegetable e-commerce platform

9. Japan to limit foreign ownership of firms in its IT, telecom sectors

10. SoftBank Plans Second AI Venture Fund of More Than $55 Million to Unearth Promising Startups in AI

11. IKEA to revamp app for customers to shop remotely for products as store strategy shifts

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