Why the Giants Among This Year’s Fortune 500 Should Intimidate You

America’s corporate colossi are using their positional advantage to get even larger. Competitors, workers, and consumers should be worried.

16 May, 2019FORTUNE.COM

BEAM - Why the Giants Among This Year’s Fortune 500 Should Intimidate You | BEAM

It’s well understood in the United States that in recent decades, the spoils of the nation’s economic growth have gone disproportionately to the wealthiest few. But a similar phenomenon exists among U.S. corporations. More and more of their collective revenues are concentrated in a relatively small number of large firms: the corporate giants.

Look no further than the Fortune 500 in this issue. Last year, America’s 500 largest corporations tallied a record $13.7 trillion in revenues, a figure equivalent to more than two-thirds of the U.S. economy. Of those trillions and trillions of sales, 47.7% of them belonged to the list’s top 50 firms, up from 46.9% last year, 43.7% 15 years ago, and 41% in 1995....

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