Chevron’s Loss in the Anadarko Takeover Is Total’s Gain

The French energy giant is likely to become one of the top international oil companies in Africa.

10 May, 2019FORTUNE.COM

BEAM - Chevron’s Loss in the Anadarko Takeover Is Total’s Gain | BEAM

In the Permian Basin of west Texas, Occidental’s likely takeover of Anadarko is a win for the company’s swashbuckling CEO, Vicki Hollub, and her challenge to Chevron in the battle to dominate U.S. shale production.

But look across the Atlantic, and another victor emerges: French energy giant Total. Courtesy of an $8.8 billion deal to buy Anadarko’s African projects if Occidental’s takeover of Anadarko goes through, Total could vault to the very top of the list of international oil companies on the continent, and jump start its efforts to expand its output of liquid natural gas (LNG). ...

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