Meet the 3 startups from MaGIC's previous cohort making a difference in our everyday lives.

They are PichaEats, JomParking, and RunCloud.

BEAM 8 May, 2019

Meet the 3 startups from MaGIC's previous cohort making a difference in our everyday lives. | BEAM

MaGIC, the government accelerator known for catalyzing the growth of hundreds of startups locally and abroad is accepting applications for the third cohort which will be closing real soon (10th May to be exact).

Below are 3 featured startups from the previous cohort (cohort 1) that have grown significantly since the program, making a difference in our everyday lives:

PichaEats (Previously known as The Picha Project)

Founded by Suzanne Ling, Lee Swee Lin and Kim Lim, PichaEats is a social enterprise with a mission of providing employment opportunities for refugees in Malaysia through serving great food to the masses.

PicheEats founders

With the slogan "Delicious Food that Rebuilds Lives", PichaEats specializes in offering delicacies from the homeland of refugee chefs, awarding 50% of the sales generated to the chef to cover their basic living expenses and costs of food ingredients. 

PichaEats hopes to give these refugee families a chance to rebuild their lives, regain their dignity, and provide for their family.


Founded by Muhamad Nasir, JomParking is an app that makes it incredibly convenient for people to pay for street parking. 

Payments are secured and associated with the vehicle’s license plate, eliminating the need for stickers, paid receipts in windshields or parking tags.


Founded by three co-founders led by Arif Tukiman, RunCloud is a solution aimed at helping developers save time in getting a webserver up and running.

The RunCloud team

In just a few clicks, RunCloud allows developers to easily set up a webserver that is ready with all the necessary configurations in less than 15 minutes, allowing them to get straight to deploying their applications.

To date, RunCloud powers over 139k website domains on their platform.

Apply to the program:

Applications for MaGIC's third cohort are ending real soon. Visit this link to participate.

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