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amelie cherri 1 Apr, 2019

Windows Cloud Services in Surat | BEAM

We provide the most reliable cloud windows cloud services in Surat. Get the best and the most reliable services for windows cloud services in Surat. Get special offers and discounts on purchase of Windows Cloud hosting at most affordable Pricing. We provide the most secured windows cloud servers in Surat.

In Cloud hosting, the cloud environment can be used by a company or an organization to store resources. It is basically a virtual server hosted in a cloud environment. Using a cloud service you get remote access, by which you can access the data stored in the server from any place. Cloud hosting has a flexible plan where you can select the cloud services based on requirements like bandwidth, hard disk, RAM, OS and core processor,

Cloud hosting is an alternative to the dedicated server And is also cheaper compared to cloud hosting as in dedicated server you need to build and manage the data centers with dedicated hardware and virtual resources which has to be operated and maintained which can be expensive

Cloud hosting with windows gives you a simple and user-friendly interface for Cloud hosting as Windows is the most popular OS hence . Using this you easily connect to RDP from anywhere, without the need for extract software

The benefits of using Windows Cloud hosting :

>> Cost-effectively and cheaper, you can save capital used for owning and managing data centers

>> User-friendly interface as it uses windows OS on cloud hosting

>> Easy authentication when you are using cloud hosting

>> It is flexible where the cloud hosting can be designed according to requirements, In most of the cases you need to pay for what you use.

>> Clouding hosting comes with data protection and high availability.

>> Help you build the website, applications and other services easily

But the disadvantages of cloud hosting regarding the security issues like the data leaving the company might be at the risk of intellectual property or the risk that the data might be lost or tampered. But with HostingRaja you don’t need to worry about security as they provide the best security features for your cloud hosting.

They provide windows cloud Services with firewall setup to ensure security. With fully managed cloud that allows you to use the cloud hosting features easily. Few features are SQL injection / php injection / malicious URL protection,Secure File Upload modules to keep your files secured, built-in WordPress/Joomla, Magento open source installations for your website with built-in Magento/e-commerce optimization, you also can have different php versions for your website as it is multi-php version integrated and varnish cache to increase the speed of your server and many other features for your website.

If you are looking for Windows Cloud Services in Surat then HostingRaja will be the right choice. We provide top class Windows Cloud Services for our clients. We are in the hosting Industries for more than 10 years and we have become the leader in this business. Our services are best in the market, compared to our competitors.

Contact us today and take your business to the Cloud. We provide a 24*7 cloud expert support to give your online presence the market conditions. Make your business be recognized among all. With our cloud hosting package you will be able to create an infrastructure which can grow according to your business requirements over a longer period of time.

Our Windows cloud hosting is fully equipped with the control panel that has almost all the tools required for the management of the hosting called the Plesk panel. To know more about Windows Cloud Services you can call our toll free no 1800-258-8000.

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