We are a Tech Startup C Corporation Headquarterd and incorporated in Georgia USA, we are buiding a beautiful and innovative "Social Network Mobile Application" that we have already running on our phones in a beta stage targeted to the African market and diaspora. We are currently seeking for funding for this powerful project that will leverage on existing social media to a Target market (Africa) with more than 1.2 billion individuals and of which the median age is 19. 

We will leverage on other social networks by providing innovative solutions to the target markets unique desire and need to directly meet one another, this can be seen in social life, in media, and in the social ethics of the diaspora a problem they are trying to solve in many ways, such as universities creating programs and events such as African Night " were Africans can link and connect with one another" our solution will be simple in a market with 70% *700 million plus mobile internet users* mobile internet market permeation and that number is said to be at 100% by 2025 (1 billion plus mobile internet users)

"Linking African diaspora through modern Technology"

Through Ad Mediation such as with Googles Admob We will be able to generate roughly about 60k USD Daily with only 5 million users! When we have more users to support us than even Instagram ! More than 1 billion potential customers that we will heavily appeal too and solve their needs to meet and connect directly.

We will bring in Innovative solutions, technology and features Like Uber like services and money transfer services keep in mind we have a huge market to support a massive amount of customer aqquistion and retention

Please take a look at our pitch deck we are requesting 1Million USD FOR 20% In Equity. If interested we will like you to partner with us to bring this platform to the market with a powerful marketing strategy at a time when Africans are connecting and linking more than ever before! It will be a pleasure to hear back from you. Thank you

note our app is running on our phone, but the website is not live yet.

Country: United States

Contact Email: siwueke@gmail.com

Website: tribelinkapp.com

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Somto Iwueke


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