Partner for flexible logistics solutions for chemicals
The company has been supplying chemical compounds for retailers, institutes and service companies for more than two years. Despite the small age, our team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of organic chemistry.
A wide range of products and a variety of stimulants and nootropics from a well-known manufacturer, as well as the possibility of buying through an online store and satisfied customers since 2017.
The company in the past has proved to be a flexible and innovative partner. Various novelties of products and the most modern technological standards, which often seem unattainable for competitors. We guarantee fast delivery, quality and compatibility, as well as lower prices than famous manufacturers, now and in the future.
Our products:
- SNAP-5114,
- Picamilon (N-nicotinoyl-GABA, pycamilon, pikamilon),
- Mirogabalin (DS-5565),
- Afloqualone (Arofuto),
- MDMAT (6,7-methylenedioxy-N-methyl-2-aminotetralin),
- Pipamperone (Dipiperon, Dipiperal, Piperonil, Piperonyl, Propitan),
- Penfluridol (Semap, Micefal, Longoperidol),
- Fluspirilene (Redeptin, Imap, R6218),
- Dapoxetine (Priligy, Westoxetin),
- Zimelidine (Zimeldine, Normud, Zelmid),
- Cannabipiperidiethanone (CPE, or 1- (N-methylpiperidin-2-ylmethyl) -3- (2-methoxyphenylacetyl) indole),
- 1- (5-fluoropentyl) -N-phenylindole-3-carboxamide (LTI-701),
- BOHB (legal analogue of 2C-D),
- para-Chlorophenylpiperazine (pCPP),
- 4-Benzylpiperidine.

Country: United States

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