BEAM Immersion Program: Tokyo

March 26th - March 30th, 2018

5 Days Business Visit inclusive of Accommodation

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BEAM Connect: Tokyo is a 5 Days Business visitation and immersion program that provides a great opportunity for individuals who wish to gain exposure and understanding of the Japanese market.

The BEAM team will bring a small focus group of individuals to Tokyo (Japan) to meet incredible startups, investors, incubators, co-working spaces, locals, and many other people who can bring value to your current/future business, and provide assistance to overcoming barriers of entering the market (ie: language barriers, culture, etc.). It will be incredibly fun and fruitful, plus you'll build many good connections.

1.  Business Exploration

Visit some of the most exciting and innovative places in Tokyo (innovation labs, corporate buildings, working spaces, incubators, investor offices) and get connected with their respective local communities.

At the same time, enjoy an evening filled with the BEAM community together with Cyberagent Ventures, one of Japan's most prominent investment companies.

2.  Plug In & Connect with Entrepreneurs

Get connected with Japan's business scene at Slush Tokyo 2018. Meet many other entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, technology companies, and more.

Complimentary passes for Slush are included in the trip.

3.  Spend time with Investors & our Partners

Meet and dine with some of the most prominent investors and venture capital companies in Tokyo.

Some of these include Cyberagent Ventures, 500 Startups Japan, Incubate Fund, Digital Garage, and more.

4.  Gain Market Exposure

Get exposed and learn about the Japanese economy, market conditions, population mindsets while you're there.

Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of how you can expand your business there, you will be prepared with the support of the connections you've made there.

Create Unforgettable Memories

Enjoy your stay, it's more than just business.

5.  Meet & Spend Time with Locals

We will bring you around to network with people outside the startup/business scene as well. Some of these include networking events, picnics, gatherings, and more!

Not only will you meet many people from Tokyo, it will be an incredibly fun-filled and unforgettable experience!

6.  Try New Things

Immerse yourself and live in a world of a completely different culture, language, and environment. Live like a local and experience the life they live. Try new kinds of food, drinks, and activities.

7.  Explore Tokyo

A trip to Japan isn't complete without a tour of the city. Our team will bring you to some of the most interesting and exciting parts of the city, places where you can bring home some incredible shots of your memories.

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